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Computer Service and Maintenance

Your computer needs regular service and maintenance
to keep it secure and running efficiently.
You cannot afford to suffer poor productivity
or lost time when you can take steps to keep 
your computer in optimal condition.

Frontier Patient Computer Training can service and repair
your computers so you can keep on working and using your technology.   

Frontier Digital

Frontier Patient Computer Tutoring is now offering support and maintenance services for computer users. Our new service Frontier Digital is a subscription service which provides new and experienced computer users with tech support, education and advice in most aspects of technology and the Internet.
The Premium service includes remote technical support and maintenance and the standard service provides access to online support and education and both bring priority support and alerts .

Frontier Digital Premium

Frontier Digital Premium is an exclusive offering and has a limit on subscriptions in order to maintain the highest lever of service to all subscribers.

$10 per month provides the following services
  • Free 30 minute Teamviewer/Skype/Hangout support sessions (3 per month)
  • Free phone support (business hours)
  • Priority email support
  • Remote computer service
  • Tech Support Alert list
  • On demand computer and tech advice
  • Self help support access on website

Frontier Digital Standard is a lite version of our support service for those who like to be aware of what is happening in tech and find help and answrs to their questions quickly when they need a lttle help.

$3 per month provides the following services

  • Tech Support Alert list
  • On demand computer and tech advice
  • Self help support access on website

Tech Solutions We Have For You
  • Computer training
  • Internet and email training
  • Virus detection and removal
  • Computer repairs
  • Computer and technology purchasing assistance
  • Websites
  • Website service
  • scheduled computer maintenance
  • purchasing advice
  • internet network setup
  • remote pc service and assistance  
Coming Soon:

Online training tools - videos - hints and tips

Frontier PC Tutoring


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Patient Computer Training
 in your own home or business.

Technology and Marketing
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Websites and Internet
solutions for small business
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  Computer Service

  • maintenance scheduling
  • speed up your pc
  • virus scanning
  • malware scanning
  • backup service
  • security checks
  • antivirus software instalaltion
  • clean up junk files
  • reclaim lost space
  • software updates

  Computer Repairs

  • virus removal
  • hard drive repair
  • hard drive replacement
  • start up problems
  • upgrades
  • serious fault recovery
  • data recovery
  • memory upgrades
  • troubleshoot issues
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