If you are looking for continuous maintenance and support we are proud to announce our latest remote assistance service. RAM.(Remote Access Management)

Imagine having your own tech support available at the push of a button.
Imagine your program updates taking place automatically in the background.
Imagine having your security settings and privacy settings monitored and fixed in the background and warnings sent to you when something unusual happens to your computer.

Imagine all of this and more for just $10 per month. Frontier PC Tutoring is now offering remote maintenance to private and business customers for $10 per computer per month to help you maintain your computer and keep it running at it's best and warn you when items may be failing so you can back up and replace without loosing your data and save on expensive repair bills and lost time. It is like having your own personal technician on call whenever you need one.

This service will be available from July 2013 and if you are interested please let us know via the form below and we will get you started.

Ask About RAM 12 month tech support.
If you have any questions or are ready to get started with your own remote tech assistance just gives us some details below and we will get your computers sorted.

  If you don't need continuous protection and assistance a one off remote session may be all that you need for occasional tech support and training needs.  

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Remote Support

  One Off or Continuous Support Service 

Frontier PC Tutoring provides computer training in your own home or business but we cannot always come to you and you cannot always get to us. To get around this we can conduct a remote session with you using Teamviewer remote support software and Skype for one off support sessions at a realistic price. For one off remote support you will need to download the free Teamviewer client and contact us to make an appointment. You can download it  here . You can call us on 03 9088 0353 or fill in the form below.

One Off Remote Support
Fill in this form to request a one of remote session to optimise, diagnose or repair your computer. Support is charged at 60c per minute and will require the download of the teamviwer software.

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